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Birch Cline's Perimeter Protection offers cost effective solutions and managed services to help your organization establish a secure, defense-in-depth strategy for network protection.

Threat management appliance

Birch Cline can help you effectively identify and mitigate a wide variety of malware, ransomware and network attacks, without having to keep up with rulesets, software updates, monitoring and false positives. 

Threat Management Appliance provides Network Cloaking to make your business invisible to bad actors, with no equipment costs or commitment and a free 30 day trial. 

managed intrusion prevention & monitoring

Birch Cline offers management and monitoring of our Threat Management Appliance which sits outside of your existing perimeter firewall providing best in class protection, external threat visibility and attack defense. 


Managed Intrusion Prevention & Monitoring provides best in class IPS with enhanced monitoring, threat prevention and investigation.  

managed firewall services

Birch Cline can help protect your organization from cyber attacks, improve your cyber security and help you meet regulatory and compliance requirements by planning,  installing and monitoring firewalls on your network perimeter and internal firewalls to help segment your network.  

Managed Firewall Services save you time, money and help keep your environment secure.


Birch Cline monitors your perimeter and internal network infrastructure for cyber threats and attacks against your organization. 

Threat and Log Monitoring provides you with expert resources to monitor, review and interpret the cyber events occurring in and around your business. 

Threat and Log Monitoring
Managed Firwall Services
Managed Intrusion Prevention & Monitoring
Threat Mangemet Appliance

Contact Birch Cline for additional information about Cyber Security Protection Services:

1-833-Birch Cline or

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