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(Chief Information Security Officer)

Birch Cline Virtual CISO
Birch Cline's Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Assist and Virtual CISO programs will help your technology and security leadership implement effective cyber security practice.  
CISO Assist works in tandem with existing cyber security leadership to help implement and oversee your organization's cyber security goals.
Virtual CISO provides an affordable option to a full time Information Security Executive. Our Virtual CISO gives you an outsourced, experienced cyber security and technology executive who can help you protect your environment and reach your security goals.  

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Experienced Virtual CISO


Partnering with Birch Cline brings decades of cyber security experience to your organization. Our Virtual CISO and CISO Assist programs give your existing leadership a team of experienced cyber security and technology resources and knowledge.


Birch Cline gives you the experience of former C-Level executives from the largest private and public sector organizations in the North America.


Virtual CISO Leadership

Availability of the right leadership and the right people is key to the controls, policy and enforcement your organization needs for an effective cyber security practice.

Birch Cline provides unmatched leadership expertise, experience and security understanding. Our CISO Assist and Virtual CISO programs give you professional leadership to help your develop, deploy and enforce the cyber security policy and process to reduce your organization's cyber risk and liability.

Virtual CISO Collaboration


No organization can solve the challenges of cyber security on its own. Birch Cline understands how critical collaboration is to effective cyber security.


Our advisory services have the framework and experience to increase internal and external information and threat management collaboration to ensure your organization is in the know and prepared.

Virtual CISO Best Practice

best practice

Birch Cline's CISO Assist and Virtual CISO programs give your company additional management and leadership resources who have experience implementing cyber security best practice.


CISO Assist ensures you always have the best practice knowledge and skills available.


  • Work with your organization's existing leadership to identify an acceptable level of cyber security risk


  • Ensure that appropriate security controls are in place for the review of critical vendors including financial stability, operational performance and internal controls

  • Evaluate the organization’s existing risk and compliance with the existing information security policy and program

  • Present recommendations for cost appropriate risk management practices as well as provide recommendations for mitigation strategies

  • In tandem with organizational leadership, provide security oversight and guidance to departmental management and technology teams.

  • Review of the existing information security program and policies to ensure adherence with organizational, regulatory and compliance requirements.

  • Plan and organize the mitigation steps of outstanding audit and exam findings. 

  • Provide guidance ensuring the critical security controls are in place for the creation, operation and maintenance of the organization’s information system.

  • Create, review or continue the refinement of processes for the delivery of effective Security Awareness training programs

  • Assist in the review and implementation of the incident response and crisis management plans.

  • Work with organizational leadership to prioritize security initiatives and financial budgeting based on identified risk management methodology.

  • Organize and assist in the compilation and production of the annual information security report for delivery to organization’s senior leadership and / or board of directors.

  • Assist in the review and implementation of controls ensuring appropriate end user entitlement and enablement processes.

  • Work with existing leadership to ensure appropriate internal and external vulnerability assessments are in place to evaluate the organization’s patching, upgrade and vulnerability management program.

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