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Cybersecurity Consulting

Birch Cline provides cyber security consulting and advisory services that can supplement your existing staff resources or provide expert level cyber security skills on an as-needed basis.

We can provide your organization with a wide range of consulting services that include Security Compliance help for HIPAA, PCI-DSS and CJIS, professional services and staff augmentation and advisory assistance made available anytime you need unbiased, industry experience and expertise to assist for things like product evaluation, testing and selection. 


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Project Consulting



Product Advisory

product advisory

Cyber Security Services


Project Consulting

Cyber Security Project Consulting:

  • On demand information security experts, priced to meet small and mid-sized business needs

Cyber Security Product Advisory:

  • Unbiased expert resource available to assist with product and solution evaluation and selection

  • Receive professional assistance creating product and solution requirements, testing procedures and acceptance criteria 


  • Assess product and solution considerations to meet regulatory and compliance requirements  

  • Experienced to assist you with product and solution total cost of ownership and steady state support evaluations  

Cyber Security Consulting and Professional Services:

  • Information security professionals to supplement your existing staff and resources 

  • Technical design, security architecture and product implementation planning and delivery


  • Security training, awareness training and project management  

3rd Party Vendor Review & Management:

  • Security and risk assessment of Vendors, Suppliers and Outsourced or Contract Providers 

  • Review and assess potential compliance impact resulting from Vendor relationships

  • Assess Vendor and Supplier internal organization adherence to applicable security compliance requirements

  • Help you ensure payment methods and processes are secure. If applicable help you understand the online payment model and architecture is appropriate and controls are in place to minimize risk to your organization


  • Provide assistance to ensure appropriate security consideration are included in RFP and Vendor selection process  

  • We review contracts and provide recommendation on appropriateness of Vendor Service Level Agreements and ensure contracts include necessary confidentiality, maintenance and audit clauses  

  • Help you monitor and manage ongoing relationships, reviewing metrics and ensuring internal Vendor processes are being maintained securely 

  • Ensure every effort is taken to minimize your organizational risk

HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and CJIS Security Compliance Consulting, Achievement, Planning & Maintenance

  • Experienced resources who have been personally responsible for the security compliance of large organizations and network environments.

  • Help you understand your existing compliance requirements and responsibilities.    

  • Evaluate and help you understand your current level of compliance, gaps and needs

  • Provide you with documented assessment and ranking of compliance gaps based severity and exposure 

  • Work with your teams to prioritize remediation actions in conjunction with your organization's overall security needs

  • Provide assistance with identifying technology and solutions needed to become compliance based on ROI and Total Cost of Ownership - if applicable for your environment we can recommend and help you review both commercial and open source solutions.

  • Creation of actionable plan and implementation timeline that will both increase your organizational security and allow you to achieve compliance 

Product Advisory
Professional Services
Vendor Management
HIPAA, PCI-DSS & CJIS Compliance

For more information about Birch Cline Cyber Security Consulting:

1-833-Birch Cline or

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