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Birch Cline Website Security Assessment

Birch Cline will provide you with expert website security analysis and remediation recommendations. 

Birch Cline's Website Security Assessments identify potential vulnerabilities within your website and web-applications that may have been created throughout your site's life cycle including the development, deployment or various upgrades processes.
Beyond the traditional website security scanners used by typical website assessment services, our experts manually assess your web presence using proven thorough processes that follow the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Application Security Verification Standard and provide you with detailed analysis actionable remediation recommendations.


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web application security consulting dallas


We provide a cost effective way to evaluate your web and third party application security.


Understanding the business requirements driving the use of your web-based functionality, Birch Cline provides a detailed assessment of the applications that protect or provide access to potentially sensitive data.

cyber security architecture consulting


Birch Cline can help you understand the underlying architecture of your website and web applications that is critical to protecting your company and critical data.


We'll review and identify potential issues in the web servers, databases and critical components that support your web functionality and provide you with actionable remediation recommendations to help you security your web environment.

external attack surface assessment

attack surface

Understanding the portion of your environment that is potentially exposed and available for the review of malicious actors is critical to understanding how to secure your business.


Birch Cline can help you identify, understand and reduce the part of your environment known as your "attack surface".


Our experts conduct thorough review of your Internet presence, the components that make up your web functionality, provide you with a detailed, actionable report and work to help you reduce the risk and liability created by your website and web applications.

Website and Web Application Security Assessments include:

  • Review of the security controls, authentication and configuration settings that may allow malicious actors to extract or credentials or expose sensitive data without appropriate access.

  • Testing and identification of Injection Flaws such as SQL, OS and LDAP which occur when untrusted data is sent as part of a command with the intent of triggering the unintended execution of a command to expose sensitive data.

  • Susceptibility to XML External Entity and Cross-Site Scripting attacks which could cause damage or expose sensitive data.
  • Identification of potential issues with web and application monitoring that could negatively impact your ability to detect, identify and prevent an attack against your web-based functionality and applications   

Contact Birch Cline for more information and our Website and Web Application Security Assessments

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