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Birch Cline will ensure you have the most effective, cost appropriate solutions and tools in place to secure your business along with the professional security resources and skills to manage them.

Internet & Dark web monitoring

Birch Cline combines human and sophisticated Dark Web intelligence with search capabilities to identify, analyze and proactively monitor for risk and threats against your organization. 


Internet and Dark Web Monitoring provides your organization with actionable threat intelligence and proactive security protection

enterprise - Credential Loss Monitoring 

Birch Cline monitors your organization, domain and all user accounts for signs of threat, breach or suspicious activity.


Enterprise - Credential Loss Monitoring reduces your level of risk and liability even if a breach to another organization's data results in the exposure of an account or credentials associated to yours.

Enterprie - Credential Loss Monitoring
Internet & Dark Web Threat Monitoring

Threat management appliance

Birch Cline can help you effectively identify and mitigate a wide variety of malware, ransomware and network attacks, without having to keep up with rulesets, software updates, monitoring and false positives. 

Threat Management Appliance provides Network Cloaking to make your business invisible to bad actors, with no equipment costs or commitment and a free 30 day trial. 

managed intrusion prevention & monitoring

Birch Cline offers management and monitoring of our Threat Management Appliance which sits outside of your existing perimeter firewall providing best in class protection, external threat visibility and attack defense. 


Managed Intrusion Prevention & Monitoring provides best in class IPS with enhanced monitoring, threat prevention and investigation.  

managed firewall services

Birch Cline can help protect your organization from cyber attacks, improve your cyber security and help you meet regulatory and compliance requirements by planning,  installing and monitoring firewalls on your network perimeter and internal firewalls to help segment your network.  

Managed Firewall Services save you time, money and help keep your environment secure.


Birch Cline monitors your perimeter and internal network infrastructure for cyber threats and attacks against your organization. 

Threat and Log Monitoring provides you with expert resources to monitor, review and interpret the cyber events occurring in and around your business. 

Threat and Log Monitoring
Managed Firwall Services
Managed Intrusion Prevention & Monitoring
Threat Mangemet Appliance

Managed phishing simulations

Birch Cline performs custom managed phishing simulations according to your specifications and needs.


Our Managed Phishing Services are priced to meet the needs of small to medium sized business, will provide you with better quality data and reporting and our services are performed on a reoccurring basis throughout the year to help raise awareness beyond what a single phishing simulation could achieve.   

Privileged User Credential Monitoring  

Birch Cline monitors the personal and business accounts of users who have privileged and administrative access to your data and infrastructure for any signs of threat, breach or suspicious activity.


Privileged User Credential Monitoring protects your organization from data breaches originating from attacks against the personal accounts of privileged users. 

identity theft monitoring

Birch Cline offers ID Theft monitoring and protection for you and each of your employees at competitive rates offering your organization complete security protection.


Identity Theft Monitoring provides protection with $1,000,000 Identity Theft Restoration Insurance for you and your employees.

Managed anti-virus solution & monitoring

Birch Cline will manage and monitor the best in class antivirus virus solution to protect your organization from ransomware and advanced threats like fileless malware and malicious documents. 

Managed Antivirus provides management and monitoring of Cylance Artificial Intelligence Based Advanced Threat Prevention. 

World's 1st Automated Phishing Prevention, Detection & Response Platform

IRONSCALES is the first and only anti-phishing software to combine human intelligence with machine learning to prevent, detect and respond automatically to today’s sophisticated email phishing and ransomware attacks using a multi-layered and automated approach.

Privileged Use Credential Monitorng
Managed Phishig Simulations

Unauthorized Data Access Monitoring

Birch Cline monitors for unauthorized access of data on high value laptops, desktops and servers.


Unauthorized Data Access Monitoring alerts the data owner of both internal or external threats against their data.

managed secure wireless infrastructure

Birch Cline can install, manage and monitor your network to provide secure wireless access and availability to your mobile endpoints and users.  


Our wireless solutions even offers functionality to provide secure access to network guests and promote your business on social media.  

managed infrastructure

Birch Cline can manage your secure network infrastructure from firewalls to endpoints, giving you expert resources and knowledge, saving you money and letting you focus on your business. 

Managed Infrastructure provides complete infrastructure management priced and designed to meet the needs of small to mid-sized businesses.

Managed Secure Wireless
Managed Infrastructure
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