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THREAT.EVENTS SIEM-as-a-Service provides organizations with all the benefits of the world’s most powerful and flexible SIEM without the hardware or personnel investment for deployment, management, or maintenance of the system.  Birch Cline cybersecurity experts take care of all the infrastructure, maintenance, upgrades, patches, capacity planning, backups, and security of the system and platform.

THREAT.EVENTS is designed to provide all the benefits needed from a security information and event management system without the headache or capital investment.  THREAT.EVENTS provides you with a comprehensive SIEM-as-a-Service solution, fully hosted in our secure and compliant cloud to manage and monitor your critical systems regardless of where they may be.

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Managed SIEM

What is a SIEM?

What is






Winner: 2019 Top 10 Vulnerability Management Service Companies - Enterprise Security Magazine



Simple per-device pricing lets you "pay as you grow".

Deploy and start monitoring quickly with no up-front investment.



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A hands-free solution that gives you worry-free protection.


This is smart security helping you protect what matters.

Don't Settle for Legacy

SIEM Solutions

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What is Threat.Events

What is


THREAT.EVENTS is a fully Managed SIEM, or SIEM as a Service, that provides the benefits, visibility, and security of a legacy SIEM solution without the overwhelming financial commitment and resource burdens required by legacy SIEM technology.    

THREAT.EVENTS is a flexible threat intelligence framework comprised of multiple security methods that improve an organization's threat management detection and response capabilities. 


THREAT.EVENTS includes continuously updated threat intelligence feeds, providing constantly updated and refined information on potential or current attacks threatening IT infrastructures around the world. This is a managed SIEM solution and threat intelligence framework to give you protection and peace of mind.


THREAT.EVENTS can see all of your network traffic, analyze correlated security logs and event data against to identify threats that the rest of the world is seeing. THREAT.EVENTS provides a security solution that goes beyond a standard managed SIEM.


THREAT.EVENTS is more than a managed SIEM and gives you more than SIEM as a Service. It is fully managed and monitored Cyberthreat Intelligence Framework.


Managed SIEM Service Features



Enables smart decisions using the most recent risk intelligence and threat data. Birch Clineʹs threat intelligence is continuously updated from multiple sources to allow rapid identification and response to evolving threats across your on‐premises network, hosted data centers and public cloud environments like Azure® or AWS®. 

Threat Analytics:

Log Correlation and Analysis:

Designed to help discover threats for you, enabling you to focus on real threats, not sifting through logs.  Correlates logs from disparate sources in near‐real‐time providing analysis against Birch Clineʹs numerous and continuously updated threat intelligence sources. 


Advanced Log Search:

Advanced high‐speed log searching capabilities enabling efficient post‐incident forensic analysis. Log searching capabilities designed to rapidly normalize and analyze thousands of logs helping analysists quickly understand the nature of threats and  attacks. 

Simple Holistic Environment View: 

Centralized, correlated view of log data, notifications, and critical events. Provides log file collection from disparate sources to identify critical events and rapidly assess threat intent and severity.  

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Log Event Archive:

Archive log events for up to one year to easily view threats over time. Identify and troubleshoot forensic patterns as well as longer‐term trends required for effective security analysis and forensic investigations. 

Network and Host Intrusion Detection System:

Pinpoints unwanted traffic and software across your managed networks and systems. Identifies unusual traffic patterns on the network, malicious software on systems and provides detection of anomalies designed to alert only when needed. 

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Compliance Reporting:  

Detailed reporting to simplify compliance efforts. Utilize existing report templates or customize specific reporting data designed to assist with regulatory and compliance efforts. 

Threat.Events Features


Managed SIEM Benefits

THREAT.EVENTS gives you immediate around the clock monitoring 

THREAT.EVENTS is configured and optimized for you by security experts


THREAT.EVENTS requires no additional resource commitments


THREAT.EVENTS gives you immediate ROI, letting you pay only for the devices you monitor


THREAT.EVENTS gives you worry-free scalability and flexibility

THREAT.EVENTS gives unbiased assistance to augment your existing resources

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What is a SIEM

What is a SIEM?

(Security Information and Event Management) 

SIEM solutions and technologies have been in existence and used by cybersecurity teams for many years. The core capabilities of SIEM focus around log management and event collection across numerous disparate log emitting sources. More advanced SIEM services provide support for threat detection and security incident response by utilizing the log data to perform event analysis and correlation with security event data from a wide variety of security data source. 

Current SIEM services and capabilities help provide greater network visibility, anomaly detection and help cybersecurity teams detect network attacks and viruses such as ransomware and zero-days.    

SIEM services aggregate log data generated throughout the organization’s technology infrastructure, including server and endpoint host systems and applications, authentication solutions, network core devices and other security solutions such as firewalls, web filters and anti-virus solutions.

The SIEM solution then analyzes and correlates alert information to identify events that would otherwise appear harmless on their own, but reflect potential security issues when reviewed together or as a whole. 

The benefits of a SIEM solution include:

  • Increased network visibility and insight

  • Reduction in the time to discover a potential breach. 

  • Reduced impact of a potential breach.

  • Better reporting, log analysis and retention.

  • Achievement of regulatory and compliance requirement

Why Birch Cline's Managed SIEM as a Service

Decrease Cybersecurity Costs - Smart Investment

The upfront investment of a legacy SIEM solution along with hiring the necessary staff required to properly manage, maintain and monitor SIEM services and SIEM alerts is typically recognized as being cost prohibitive. Those companies that don’t recognize this and decide to make an investment in a legacy SIEM solution often soon realize that management of the solution in-house requires much more resource commitment and financial investment than anticipated and it becomes like so many other legacy SIEM solutions – a bad investment that is underutilized and never provides the level of security needed.


Birch Cline’s Managed SIEM as a Service provides the same functionality and security protections as a legacy SIEM solution, but our Managed SIEM as a Service completely eliminates the initial capital investment, eliminates the additional resource requirements, provides you with almost immediate return on your investment and also provides you with additional security resources to help protect your environment.


Threat Events Managed SIEM as a Service is a smart solution and effective security investment that will give you worry-free peace of mind.

Compliments Your Proactive Cybersecurity Methodology

All Birch Cline solutions are based on helping you become successful by making smart security decisions that make sense for your organization. We know that finding ways to implement and improve your proactive approach to cybersecurity can be challenging and cost prohibitive. This is why we offer a hands-off, worry-free solution like Threat Events Managed SIEM as a Service that provides your organization with the support of a proactive cybersecurity approach.


Threat Events Managed SIEM as a Service can provide you with threat intelligence, incredible visibility into your network and alert information that is simple and makes sense for your needs. Threat Events can also be a completely hands-off solution, giving you expert SOC resources you know are there watching over your environment, giving you only “need to know” information buy available to you anytime they’re needed. Whatever way you decide the Threat Events Managed SIEM works best for your environment, you’ll have added proactive security and confidence that your environment is more secure.   

Resources For Your Organization, Security Experts For Your Protection  

Birch Cline’s Managed SIEM as a Service not only gives you a best in class SIEM solution to help protect your environment, it gets implemented by experienced SIEM solution professionals, managed by passionate cybersecurity engineers and monitored 24/7 by diligent cybersecurity threat experts, giving you valuable security resources that make your environment more secure and you peace of mind in a decision that will benefit your organization for years to come.  

SIEM Management

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platforms are inherently complex and require a great deal of experience across multiple vendors, multiple device types, network and telecommunications, operating systems, protocols, and much more.  They also require information security and compliance experience.  Furthermore, SIEM admins need to understand signatures, rules and how to tune the system for optimal performance so an organization doesn’t miss critical alerts but also doesn’t get overwhelmed with false positives and other “noise” that is common for these systems.

The bottom line is that more than 99.99% of data fed into a SIEM is of no value however, that .01% can cost millions of dollars, if not found and acted upon.   Valuable data is like looking for a needle in a haystack, and a SIEM is supposed to make it easy to find, correlate, analyze, and alert on important events.  A SIEM configured improperly or in the hands of an inexperienced admin can be dangerous.  Missed events can be classified as negligence.  Spamming false positives can keep IT staff running in circles costing the organization a tremendous amount of money and keep them from focusing on the important needs of the business.

Some have already built an in-house legacy SIEM platform and just need help with the management, maintenance, and monitoring.  Others need an in-house solution to support compliance requirements as well as to monitor critical infrastructure, devices, and services.  For these needs, Birch Cline created the THREAT.EVENTS service.  This service leverages Birch Cline security experts to configure, manage, maintain, and monitor devices that are in the in-house SIEM infrastructure. Through the THREAT.EVENTS solutions, Birch Cline is uniquely equipped to assist organizations of all sizes with the challenges of deploying, managing and monitoring a SIEM.  

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