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vulnerability assessment services dallas
Birch Cline Vulnerability Scanning Services are a quick and easy step to better understand and quickly improve your cyber security Posture.
Our detailed vulnerability scanning assessments provide you with a complete evaluation of existing and potential problems within your environment that could be the cause of nagging performance issues or increasing your risk of data exposure. 

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external vulnerability scanning services dallas


External Vulnerability Scanning evaluates the security posture of the organization's external facing technical assets which can include perimeter network devices and firewalls, DMZ servers and external facing web applications and authentication portals. 

intenal vulnerability scanning services dallas


Internal Vulnerability Scanning evaluates your organization's security posture by using automated and manual process to assess a statistically significant portion of your organization's internal assets including desktops, laptops, printers and servers.

  • Identification of vulnerabilities on network devices, operating systems, desktop software, database and web applications

  • Review and remediation of potential weaknesses in your network before hackers or cyber criminals have exploit or steal sensitive data

  • Opportunity to evaluate and understand internal technology maintenance and patching processes

  • Demonstrable compliance with regulatory and compliance obligations such as HIPAA / HITECH, PCI-DSS or CJIS

  • Actionable report of assessment findings as well as detailed remediation recommendations

  • Alignment and prioritization of critical vulnerabilities 

  • Optional additional remediation guidance and assistance  


Birch Cline will help you identify exactly where your systems are vulnerable, help you understand the probable impact and risk associated with any vulnerabilities identified, and provide remediation recommendations according to impact and effort required to resolve. 

It is becoming more and more critical that proper testing and security precautions are implemented and Birch Cline security services will provide an independent assessment that includes vulnerability scanning services critical to ensuring your testing and security precautions are successful. 


If you are interested in vulnerability assessment services, we are located in the Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas area, Birch Cline can help you determine the appropriate method and provide professional vulnerability scanning services to ensure your environment security and protection are appropriate for your business.

Contact Birch Cline for more information about our Vulnerability Scanning Services:

1-833-Birch Cline or

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