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Business Strategy
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Executable strategy requires fusing insightful thinking with disciplined execution to achieve breakthrough performance.

Today, senior executives grapple with attaining profitable growth, strategically managing costs and intelligently navigating risk. Such challenges require more than identifying new possibilities and making tough choices. They also require bridging the gap between vision and execution.

Our Business Strategy and Operations teams bring deep industry experience, rigorous analytical capabilities and a pragmatic mindset to our clients' most complex business problems.

Our Strategy & Operations service lines include:

ERP Solutions

Now that Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has shown itself to be a source of significant business value, many organizations are looking to extract even more from their existing ERP systems. Shifts in corporate structure and new compliance requirements are driving the need for improved access to information, process clarity and cost savings.

In order to realize greater return on investment (ROI) in ERP systems, ERP applications need to be tailored to more effectively support adaptive business processes and help drive growth.

Technology Services

Our Next Generation Technology Services offerings are designed to help our clients generate revenue, increase cost-effectiveness, manage regulatory compliance, integrate information and transition to “next-generation” technology.

Some examples of our services are:

Staff Augmentation

Whether your needs are delivering a tactical project within the next 3 months or creating a new multi-million dollar capability to capture a new marketor opportunity, our strategy, proven process and technology and finance professionals can help.

As a leading provider of technology and finance solutions to Enterprise Organizations, Birch Cline is uniquely positioned to understand the staffing needs of our clients and we have developed staffing services that provide low cost, flexible options that help drive sustainable business advantage. From short-term, long-term and part-time placements to project-based fulfillment, Birch Cline offers a wide range of staffing solutions that allow our clients to effortlessly meet corporate objectives.

Birch Cline's Staff Augmentation services offer assistance in all aspects of your Finance and IT organization, including: